Boss Types

Boss from Hell

Is your boss a Truly Terrible? Does he or she act like a psycho crazy bully tyrannical screaming egomaniac? Does your boss regularly belittle, demean, exploit, rage or discount you?

Ghost Boss

Is your boss too hands off? Does he throw assignments to you and then disappear? Is she rarely available for feedback or check-ins? Does he provide inadequate information or detail on expectations and tasks? Do you feel completely disconnected from her?


Does your boss constantly change priorities, projects, and strategies based on a new impulse or idea? Is she an “shiny object” chaser? Does he have grandiose ideas that never stick? Does she bore easily and is always searching for the next “new” big thing? Chances are you are working for an Impulsive.


Micromanaging is one of the most prevalent management dysfunctions in the workplace. This is the boss that is constantly checking in or looking over your shoulder. She tells exactly how to do something. He doesn’t allow task autonomy. She Seldom solicits input. He’s not good at delegating—only assigning. The good news is that it is also one of the easiest to deal with. The first step is to try to understand the source of the behavior. The second step is to employ strategies to effectively manage the micromanager.


Is your boss a self-absorbed, power hungry, egotistical, attention-grabbing piece of work? Does he care more about his success and self-promotion than about his people or the organization? Does she have an unrelenting need for admiration, praise, and ego-stroking? Congratulations, you are the lucky winner of a Narcissist Boss!


Does your boss constantly change her mind? Does he flip flop on decisions and sidestep conflict? Does she care more about pleasing people than making touch choices or holding people accountable? Does he need to grow a backbone? Then you may be working for a Pushover!


Workaholic: Is your boss consumed with work? Is she always there before you arrive and is usually the last person to leave? Does he email or text you at all hours--including evenings and weekends about projects? Does she pile on the work regardless of your bandwidth? Is work your boss' entire life? Is your boss a workaholic?


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Start succeeding with the boss you actually have.

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